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All Writing Needs a Rewrite. | What is Rewriting? When Is Rewriting Needed?

Rewriting is essentially 'editing' at a higher level. At a basic level, editing is minimal, and limited to correcting errors; at an advanced level, editing involves reviewing word choice, arrangement, sentence construction and paragraphing.

Rewriting means to rewrite or change more than 60% of a document's text. Rewriting may also dictate reforming paragraphs, deleting paragraphs of re-arranging paragraphs to improve flow and continuity. It is almost as extensive as writing itself.

Basic rewriting is referred to as 'revision' in literary and publishing circles, because it needs one to review and revise the copy - not once, but several times.

When you review and analyze your chosen words with unbiased detachment, you will discover that rereading a composition several times underpins new problems each time. These construction problems could be very elemental, or they could indicate you need to rewrite the phrase, sentence or whole paragraph.

When rewriting or revising problem areas that usually arise may be related to simple grammar oversights, or more glaring errors like repetition, redundancy, tautology, verbosity, misnomers and such.

More serious errors are related to awkward construction, excessively long sentences, poor word selection, contradictions and hanging ideas. In such situations you may have to go as far back as necessary, either to the paragraph beginning or to the preceding paragraph, and go after and rewrite a different line of thought completely.

It's quite common for professional writers to rewrite a section, chapter or several chapters several times. The keener your assessment, the more problem areas you will uncover, and the more rewriting needed.

It is extremely rare for a piece of composition to be perfect at the first attempt. However, since the quest for perfection does not have a 'finish' line, revisions and rewriting can be carried too far, and very few of us have the time for such unnecessary fussiness.

Nevertheless, all writing carries a message, and for that message to meet its intended purpose, it has to be clear, concise, complete and simple. Where any one of these falls short, rewriting is mandatory, and you will need to rewrite.

But rewriting takes time and skill. It calls for language proficiency that is beyond the scope of occasional writers or those for whom English is a second language. In such cases, the rewriting process may need to be outsourced.

Writings that may necessitate rewriting include, but are not limited to:

  • PLR articles to generate fresh website content
  • Thesis and dissertations
  • Term papers
  • Flyers, catalogues and handbills,
  • Instruction manuals,
  • "How-to" booklets
  • Training manuals,
  • Business letters
  • Offer letters
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Web page content
  • Packaging boxes text
  • Information booklets
  • Marketing materials
  • Literature for events and launches

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