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StyleWriter - the world's most advanced editing and paraphrasing software for editing writing style, language usage and creating expressive concision,

is a powerful English language editing, rewriting and paraphrasing software that plugs straight into all versions of Microsoft Word. No other editing software is as complete, thorough and as easy to use.

Corrects errors and faults:
StyleWriter editing and paraphrasing software looks for:
  • thousands of writing composition errors, including complex words,
  • vernacular and abstract words,
  • Verbose phrases,
  • hidden verbs,
  • passive or inactive verbs,
  • cliches and
  • long, complex sentences.
Highlights faults | Suggests changes | Summarizes

It spotlights all of your writing errors and word choice faults in your document, then immediately advises improvements, clearly pointing out how you should edit each sentence.

Removes redundancies
StyleWriter editing software not only paraphrases your writing but summarizes it, usually reducing your text length by 25 percent, removing redundancies and tautology from the document.  In addition, affected  and  stilted phrases and sentences, so common in organizational writings and student papers, are rephrased into a clearer and more concise structure.
Compatible with all Windows versions
StyleWriter v4.0, the latest release,  is a blazing-fast 32-bit application that is now compatible with Windows XP,  VISTA and Windows 7,  and MS-Word  2003, 2007  & 2010
Because StyleWriter runs on YOUR computer, you do not need an internet connection, or to be online, to apply all of its powerful editing features.
Three English Language Usage Settings
StyleWriter has three versions of its editing software, to reflect language usage and precise application:
  • the USA version;
  • the U.K. version, and
  • the Australian version.
When you install StyleWriter, you will be able to select the relevant language setting.
Whether you are a  pro or amateur  writer, student or scholar, StyleWriter's  advanced editing features can help you edit and polish your writing into clear and concise English.

What you can do

  • Review all the features and benefits of StyleWriter.

  • Evaluate the elements of StyleWriter in the  "What Is StyleWriter?" section.

  • Then, in our "Features" section,  review  all of StyleWriter's features and benefits.

  • See  a video demonstrations of how StyleWriter works.

    1. Then you can choose to download a free trial of StyleWriter

    2. Or buy a copy of StyleWriter as an immediate download, if you've already been convinced of its usability

    3. Or have a copy shipped to you on a CD-ROM.

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This Writing Course tutors you on how to:
  1.     Plan and organize effectively
  2.     Write clearly
  3.     Write concisely
  4.     Write correctly
  5.     Edit thoroughly
 .....everything you need to become an accomplished  writer and editor. Develop your skills at your own time and pace by working through the complete writing tools included in the course.

The course offers professional writing tips and addresses diverse  writing tasks such as letters, reports, regulations, instructions, and emails. It is based on training tools  designed for US Federal Government employees, and teaches you everything you need to know to become a good writer. Sign up for a professional writing course to study at your own pace at home for  just $75
Corporate clients can choose a specially tailored  course using actual employee writing samples, and are entitled to  high discounts for in-house training of a  large number of staff.

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