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Editing and Rewriting |  Is there a difference?

Yes there is, but the boundary is blurred. Basically, rewriting is an advanced stage of editing. While editing addresses selective changes to the original content, rewriting may involve rearranging the paragraphs, adding or deleting sentences or whole paragraphs and improving the message quality.

Rewriting services involve a very detailed analysis of the document for the purpose of creating a uniquely phrased document. Rewriting services are usually needed for changing PLR articles into original creations for multiple applications. Our clients may also request rewriting services to change the tone of any communique or business letter, and project a different impression.

Editing on the other hand is a clear-cut process. It involves the elements of word usage, spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence construction.

The proofreading process is also distinguishable from the editing stage. It is the last stage and involves seeing to it that everything is as near word-perfect as possible.

Question? Do you need to outsource editing and proofreading or rewriting?Are editing and proofreading services always necessary? No! Not at all.

When are editing and proofreading not needed - or rather, when is it not essential to be grammatically perfect, and all have all the 'i's dotted and 't's crossed? Before looking at this intriguing question, first separate the editing and proofreading functions, as they are not synonymous.

You probably do not need to outsource your proofreading needs if you:

  1. are a keen speller and seldom, if ever, make spelling mistakes.

  2. use a good spell-checker

  3. understand the difference in meaning between homonyms. For example, here and hear, or to, too and two, each have a totally different meaning or application.

  4. know how to use punctuation correctly. 'The chef said the manager is a buffoon' and 'The chef, said the manager, is a buffoon.' have completely dissimilar meanings.

  5. are very familiar with the the rules of sentence construction, verb/subject matching, tenses, and other dictates of the English language.

  6. where the message is so informal and exclusive that spelling and other minor mistakes are irrelevant.

When don't you need editing services?

  1. When you are skilled in using the language correctly. This is usual only when the language concerned is your first language, and has been the language of choice since your childhood.

  2. When you understand the rudiments of acceptable grammar.

  3. When you are familiar and comfortable with punctuation, parts of speech, singular and plurals, vocative cases, comparative and superlatives and other miscellaneous requisites.

  4. when grammar errors are not critical and have no bearing on the purpose of the message.

Editing and proofreading are critical in some situations, optional in a few or unnecessary in others. Only you, the originator, can decide in which category your writing falls.

128Do you need our editing services? Here's a quick test. If you can spot the errors in the following three sentences in 30 seconds, you very likely do not need to outsource your editing needs.

  1. But perhaps the greatest obstacle, which the groups of students  could not overcome, were their lack of self discipline and excessive drinking.

  2. Tragically at the age of six, Smith's father left the family farm and never returned.

  3. Throughout his four year battle with cancer at the age of 61, Eugene tried very hard to prepare his  two sons for the responsibilities they would assume.

It is extremely rare for any writer to produce a notable piece of writing without having to review and revise sections of it. Here's a tool that makes proofreading and  editing your document, thesis, letter, manuscript or article almost automated...giving you your very own resident editor.

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Are you a writer, journalist, P.R. consultant, or student? Do you have a very good command of the English language, and need to write regularly. Do you then need to  edit/rewrite your work? Then ...

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[Style writer cannot correct poor grammar or sentences which are so poorly constructed as to make understanding difficult. The software cannot rearrange paragraphs or fully rewrite a document. That said, it is an excellent tool to polish up your writing and produce a more readable, clearer and professional piece of writing.]
StyleWriter is probably the most advanced word processing add-on available.. It checks any document for thousands of style and  usage faults. Many times more effective and relevant  than any other writing aid, StyleWriter enriches your writing style instantly.

StyleWriter acts as an expert editor checking, cutting and rearranging your words to produce a lucid and readable style.

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