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Copywriting and Writing Services| Editing a Copy For Inflection and Intensity

A brief introduction to copywriting:  

A copywriter does not 'copy.'

Advertising agencies refer to written scripts as 'copy,' and those who create the scripts became known as copywriters. Copywriters originate sales brochures, promotional material, advertisements, press releases, and all instances where written communication is used to promote, persuade, incite, excite or elicit a desired response.

Copywriting is, however, primarily significant in composing promotional and marketing literature. Writing covers any type of verbal creation.

Behind the vivid descriptions in a print advertisement or a 15 second broadcast message lies the creative talent of a copywriter. In its most exact meaning, copywriting is the act of writing advertisements (in whatever form, whether on paper or digitally) with the aim of making a sale.

Good copywriters are expensive - very expensive.  Not many small or medium size businesses can afford to hire a professional copywriter. But usually someone within the organization can compose a draft copy of the message - whether in the form of a sales letter, brochure, handbill, web page or whatever. This will probably be an unpolished version and not refined enough to actually use as final copy in the sales campaign or as a published advertisement or web page.

What Is Copy editing?

The most important instrument a copy editor has is an arsenal of words. A skilled copywriter uses carefully chosen and placed words to paint a vivid picture that motivates readers and create trust and acceptance.

Copy editors maintain an extensive database of watchwords, phrases, words and ideas they can tap into whenever they need to.

A copy editor does not originate new information; that's the copywriter's job. A copy editor reviews and replaces or changes the arrangement of words where necessary, to present the message in the most appealing and effective manner.

Copy editing is the art of selecting and arranging words in a most strategic manner, to promote a product, a business, a person or an idea; and carefully threading those words so that they'll persuade the reader to choose a particular action.That act may be to buy, call a number, provide contact information, register, click a link or subscribe. The copy editor reviews the intent of the message and chooses the most appropriate words to reflect that goal.

In copywriting and copy editing, the challenge is to get your target reader to take that action as soon as possible. Time usually dilutes interest and motivation.The problem is, not everyone responds to the same communication style or word choice. The copy editor has to try and father the right mind set first. Get our copy editor to make sure your message is packaged for a 'Yes!'

Send us your inquiry. .We will manipulate and arrange words to paint vivid mental images or create a desired mood. We work closely with you to try and produce a message with the right tone and persuasiveness, to build a stronger connection with your intended market.

We suggest you request a sample first to gauge whether or not we can meet your expectations. Please send us a half page sample, which we will edit and return for your evaluation.


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